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About Us


·          To present the collective voice of suppliers of chemicals to the paper industry by participating in the formation of legislation, sharing non-commercial toxicological data and disseminating relevant information from a variety of sources.


·          To positively avoid being involved in trade affairs, technical and commercial issues relating to the chemistry and technology of papermaking.



·          To have a unified voice for chemical suppliers to the paper industry.

·          To provide a mechanism for the transfer of non-commercial information.

·          To co-ordinate the information required by national or European legislators for relevant issues                                            covering Health & Safety, Environment, and Food Contact relating to Paper Chemicals. 

·          To collate the members considered opinions and present these to the legislators in order assist them in developing meaningful and effective legislation.

·          To inform, guide and assist with issues relating to legislation, or proposed legislation, that is considered relevant to the members of the Association as chemical suppliers to the paper industry.


PCA Activities

Members companies supply approximately 80% of the UK’s Paper Chemicals.

Quarterly Technical Forum: Information exchange and advice sessions.

Special work groups and task forces.

The PCA is an Associate Member of CEFIC.

Authoritative Documents for Members (see Publications)


Member Benefits

   Cefic Associate membership


      PCA members enjoy the highly cost effective benefit of password access to the CEFIC E- Room for up-to-date on essential relevant information on matters of the Council of Europe progress of Food Contact Articles, Regulations and the activities of the Additives in Paper & Board Group (APBIG), which help to ensure that meaningful regulations are made.


       Council of Europe Inventory list, updates.

        APBIG, meeting diary, agenda, minutes, reports.


     Daily E-room updates sent electronically to members.


     PCA Membership


         PCA Technical Forum (Active participation meeting Quarterly, with e-mail updates as they happen.)

                Discuss problems solutions in confidence with fellow regulatory affairs people.

                Co-operate with cost sharing 


     E-MAIL Distribution service for Members

                                Information to your desk “hot off the press”.


      Member access to and weekly updates on:

Environmental Labelling



Nordic Swan:


FDA Regulations:


FDA Inventory of Effective Premarket Notifications for Food Contact Substances:


Bfr Website. (English page.): Chapter XXXVI (1,2 & 3) “VERY USEFUL”

                2005 update due May 05 




Chemical Stake holders Forum

Nonyl Phonenols

                perfluorooctane sulphonate (PFOS)


      UK Food Standards Agency:


Pollution Prevention and Control

Working Party on Materials and Articles in Contact with Food or Drink



                Biocides Products Directive

                CHIP (Chemicals (Hazard Information and Packaging for Supply)



      ATP (Adaptation to Technical Progress) 

Council of Europe INVENTORY LIST Food Contact Materials

The Council of Europe (CoE) has the task of compiling a list of chemicals used in paper that comes into contact with food.

The CoE will eventually present the Inventory list to the European Commission (EC) for ratification by Member States. The detailed work involved in preparing the Inventory List has been passed from the CoE to working groups in the Confederation of European Chemical Industries (CEFIC) and the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).

The PCA continues to provide a speedy and effective service of disseminating and collating information for chemical suppliers to the paper industry to ensure that their products appear in the Inventory List.

The pooling of non-commercial toxicological information by members is just one area where considerable monetary savings can be realised by members working together.

17th draft currently in now available (Jan 2005)



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Glossary of Terms

This is a compilation of the terminology acronyms and abbreviations used in the world of health safety environmental and regulatory affairs.  Each item is explained in full in a simple easy to understand way.   (A most useful downloadable .pdf document)


(Available free to members and to non-members for 35 UK Pounds (55 Euro or 55 USD)

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Environmental Labelling Guidance Manual

With the introduction of the EC's Preparations Directive (1999/45/EC) into law across the EU which includes the provision for the classification packaging and labelling of preparations (mixtures) as "dangerous for the environment", there is plenty of scope for misunderstandings on all sides.  The PCA has prepared this document to enable its members to better understand the new regulations, and to assist in providing authoritative information to customers.  (Downloadable .pdf document)


(Available free to members and to non-members for 35 UK Pounds (55 Euro or 55 USD)

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The PCA co-operate with the following groups on relevant matters to ensure our common aims are effectively met.

European Paper Chemicals Group of TEGEWA (German equivalent of the PCA)

 Confederation of Paper Industries formerly The Paper Federation of Great Britain.



The PCA is in meaningful dialog and regular contact with: -

Food Standards Agency (FSA)

Environment Agency (EA)

Paper Industry Technical Association (PITA)

The European Chemical Industries Association (CEFIC)

The European Papermakers Association (CEPI)

The European Packaging Association (CITPA)



PCA MEMBERS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Top


Bayer plc (Lanxess)

Blackburn Chemicals Ltd

Buckman Laboratories Ltd

CIBA Specialty Chemicals


Clariant UK Ltd

Hercules Ltd

Houghton Europe

Imerys Minerals Ltd

MEL Chemicals  

Rhodia Consumer Products Ltd




Membership is open to any UK based manufacturers, importers and sellers of chemicals to the Paper, Board and Tissue Industry.  Your nominated representative will receive all updates, call for meetings and action lists for distribution in your own organisation.  Active participation is encouraged but not essential.

If your company is based outside the UK but active in the UK and or European paper industry market, membership is essential and extremely cost effective for you ensure you comply with current legislation   

Current annual subscription £630 (950 Euro or 1,200 USD)


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